Together - to success!


The vital factor of Agro-Ros LLC development is the cohesive team stepping along the hard but prospective way of agricultural occupation. Surely, the Company owes to the skilled staff for the success achieved daily.

HR policy aims to look for reliable specialists striving to create our mutual future, succeed and mature.

We are seeking for recent graduates and trainees who are eager to connect their career with agriculture.

Students of agricultural education establishments are welcome to visit our producing areas to get familiar with the manufacturing processes and to communicate with our team.


Central office in Kyiv
044 468 32 68
067 406 96 21
Smelyansky district
Cherkasy region:
village Balakleya
067 332 65 28
village Makeevka
067 449 04 38
village Tashlik
067 500 38 76