Compound feed


The enterprise’s production capacity allows to produce up to 150 tons of the high-quality mixed fodder per day, consequently more than 50 thousand tons of the mixed fodders per year, and will rise to 100 t in 2019. The guarantee of trouble-free work is a own powerful elevator for the processing and storage of the grain and oil-bearing crops grown on almost 8 thousand hectares of own sowing areas.
Our mixed fodder plant has worked since 1973 in Tashlyk Cherkasy district. We The Company is constantly modernizing and conducting retooling of production, setting the equipment of the leading producer -BUHLER.


Producing of the mixed fodders starts with thorough selection and analysis of raw material. Most of the components are grown on the own fields; therefore Agro-Ros LLC repose in their high quality and safety. All purchased raw material is accompanied by quality certificates and checked up by the own accredited laboratory and external most authoritative laboratories of Ukraine.
The most critical forage additions (for example, amino acids) are bought with direct contracts from the plants of producers (and only in the European countries) to avoid falsifications.


All processes of production are automated and computerized. On every party exact data are fixed on the self-weighted and added raw material. It allows asserting, that we get exactly optimal food value stern that it is planned, and the high index of growing. All types of the mixed fodders are made at our plant and pass the process of granulation. It allows getting a safe feed (due to high temperature treatment) and improving mastering.
The own technologically adjusted compounding of the mixed fodders is specially worked out for the different types of domestic animals and poultry taking into account their age and requirements in every period of life. Such approach allows getting a maximal growth effect provided by all necessary nutritives, minerals and vitamins. All our blends are tested on own poultry farms that are at the level of innovative poultry farms of Europe due to the technological equipment and to the data of growth.


Caring of consumers’ safety, Agro-Ros LLC follow the strict world requirements of food safety and principles of HACCP are inculcated at the plant.

TM, assortment

At the market of Ukraine, the commerce of our country house is represented by the trademark Agro-Ros (for promislovogo viroshchuvannya) that Kozatsky Way (for homely viroshchuvannya).