From the cultivation of grain to the sale of meat

Poultry Breeding

"Agro-Ros"LLC is in TOP 10 among poultry producers in Ukraine. Our capacity is 2100000 units and more than 23 000 tons of poultry meat per year.
The Company performs a complete cycle of production, so it allows controlling quality of the products at all stages and providing the optimum product’s cost.
Technological effectiveness
Production and engineering procedure are automated and computerized; the processes are arranged according to modern European requirements. Automatic equipment supports a microclimate, lighting level, dosing of mixed feeds and water. The highly- qualified staff service the equipment of the leading global manufacturers - Big Dutchman, Rotem, Big Herdsman.
Environmentally friendly production
Agro-Ros LLC cares for the environment, adheres to the strict international environmental standards, and donates considerable investments into energy efficiency. We reduced the electric power volume due to installation of the new lighting equipment and considerably invest into technologies to use processing wastes for heating and production of fertilizers.
High Quality
The main advantages of products are high quality and safety. The poultry bred without antibiotics and hormones of growth, and do not contain GMO. Systematic veterinary observance is a must to provide excellent quality.

Slaughter, processing
and storage of meat.

The Company Agro-Ros LLC has a slaughterhouse with a general capacity 70000 units per day. The slaughter and meat processing houses are equipped with Dutch machinery.
The Company’s recent renovation:
  • Line of the automatic cutting of carcasses
  • Line of packing
  • Line of carcasses’ cooling
  • Line of automatic gutting
  • Line of calibration
  • Increase of areas of cooling and freezing.
Among our priorities there is the permanent updating and expansion of assortment of products taking into account the necessities of consumers. On this basis we began producingof exclusive meat ready-to-cook foods - meat dumplings, chops, stuffed cabbages, sausages from a chicken and pork. At their production we use high-quality fresh meat of own production only. All products are done exceptionally manually.

Wholesale & Retail

We enlarge the network of own regional merchant ventures and representatives with storage facilities conforming the modern requirements.

Advantages :
  • to shorten the amount of mediators between the Company and the Consumer
  • to guarantee quality and freshness of our products

Agro-Ros has the perfect system of meat distributors within retailers , HoReCa and meat processing enterprises. Among our clients there are chain of supermarkets and restaurants and family shops, and tiny cafe. We take into account necessities and wishes of all clients.

International Trading

The Agro-Ros company is expanding international market. We offer to our partners production under TM "Golden Chicken", and are ready to consider production of meat production under a trademark of the Customer.

The high quality of the broilers’ meat is achieved due to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001 and DSTU ISO 22000 .

Halal certification as the assurance of quality and safety of broiler chicken meat allow the Company to be introduced at the markets of the countries with Muslim traditions.

Contact Information:
Manager of foreign economic activity:
+38 (044) 499‑84‑56, +38 (067) 659‑12‑46